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This website page is currently being rebuilt, we apologize for this inconvenience. Due to a malware attack, all previously present content has been deleted.

Narrating more than twenty years of activity takes time and we hope to restore everything as soon as possible!

For any need or information you can send an email to 


Founded in 2002 in Bologna, Home Movies is the first archive in Italy dedicated entirely to the conservation, restoration and valorisation of private, family, amateur, industrial and experimental Italian film heritage: aheritage of immeasurable historical, social and cultural value otherwise at risk.

For more than twenty years Home Movies has been collecting small format films (9.5mm, 16mm, 8mm, Super8) which it acquires through donations from private individuals or broader collection projects in collaboration with municipalities, bodies, foundations and businesses. To date it keeps more than 1000 pieces in its spaces35,000 coming from all over the national territory which gives back to the community with numerous cultural activities and digital accessibility projects with a view to educating and promoting the culture of private and amateur cinema as a historical source, artistic product, cultural object and technological medium from a media archeology perspective.


Born as a cultural association, in 2022 Home Movies transformed into FoundationETS: a fundamental step for the future and continuity of the archive which attests to its cultural, historical and social importance. 

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