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35,000 films, one shared story: ours


The National Family Film Archive

The heritage safeguarded by Home Movies constitutes a large and precious visual resource for the Italian history of the twentieth century: from the transformation of the Italian landscape to customs and social changes, to customs and traditions up to the customs of daily life of the last century.


Founded in 2002 in Bologna, Home Movies is the first archive in Italy dedicated entirely to the conservation, restoration and valorization ofprivate film heritage, family, amateur, industrial, experimental Italian: a heritage of immeasurable historical, social and cultural value otherwise at risk. Home Movies has been collecting small-gauge format films for more than twenty years - 9.5mm, 16mm, 8mm, Super8 - which is acquired through donations from private individuals or broader collection projects in collaboration with municipalities, bodies, foundations and companies. To date, it preserves in its spaces more than 35,000 from all over the national territory which it gives back to the community with numerous cultural activities.

Bring the archive back into the world. One of the main goal of the Home Movies Foundation is to make 

an otherwise hidden heritage available to the community with numerous cultural activities and digital accessibility projects with a view to education and promotion of the culture of private and amateur cinema.


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Watch home movies digitized from the Home Movies Archive! Memoryscapes is the first platform dedicated to the rediscovery of Italian private heritage in a small-gauge format. An unprecedented gaze family memories from the last century.

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A true moving archive laboratory, the Archivio Aperto festival is the most important event in Italy for vision, training and reflection on the public use of private memories. Since 2022 it has hosted the official competition dedicated to the contemporary reuse of archive material.


The special project dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the small gauge format and the history of family, amateur, experimental and artist cinema. Discover this important story through the HomeMovies100 Almanac and the Small-Gauge Format Stories paths. 


Do you have small-gauge films (9.5mm, 16mm, 8mm, Super8)? Don't know how to store and digitize them? Contact us, you will finally be able to watch your films again and, by becoming part of the National Family Film Archive, your family memories will contribute to enriching the historical memory of the country.

First, you will need to fill out the online form found herelink in which we will ask you for some simple information on the material in your possession. We will contact you later to arrange an appointment at our office.


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Cinema is all of us

The Home Movies newsletter is sent out once a month. We would like to create an active and aware community around our work and send you updates not only on our events but also on the activities we carry out daily. Do you want to know what happens in the Archive?

Thanks for your participation!

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Dona il tuo 5x1000!

Come eravamo, come saremo. Sostieni la trasmissione del patrimonio filmico privato e delle sue memorie.

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